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Learn the Hi-Lite Way to become masters in the field of airfield pavement markings

The Hi-Lite Academy’s Purpose

To train and develop experts in the Airfield Pavement Marking field to meet Airport Specifications to ensure the safety of air travel.

The Hi-Lite Academy’s Mission

To enrich each student’s life through focused skills training of Airfield Pavement Markings.

Meet Hi-Lite's Training Staff

Hi-Lite’s trainers have a collective 40 years of experience in the application and specifications of airfield safety markings. Our training is based on actual experience that sets the standard for performance quality, engagement, and respect in the airport industry.

Tanya Rarick

Director of Training & Development

Tanya has more than 13 years in the Airfield Pavement Markings industry experience and collectively, more than 28 years in Continuous Improvement initiatives. Her extensive experience is in Supply Chain management, JIT, Lean, Kaizens, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and is in training for a black belt in Six-Sigma as well as high level of leadership training.

Seamus Van Tassel

Training Supervisor

Seamus has more than 6 years of Airfield Markings experience. He has a thorough understanding of Airport Specifications and best practices. Additionally, Seamus has extensive knowledge on equipment maintenance, repairs, and innovation to adapt equipment to airfield applications. Seamus is in training for a black belt in Six-Sigma

Dave Jones

Waterblaster Trainer

Dave has more than 20 years of experience in Waterblasting. His knowledge extends to the Highway and Airfield Pavement Markings Field. Dave has intimate knowledge of operating and maintaining these high-pressure Waterblasters.

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